Front Porch Jubilee


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We’re for those who forge their own path by living what they love.Those who respect the past but won’t be defined by it.Those who believe hard work makes things happen and who’s passion is in the details.




September 06, 2015

211 W Ave Gaviota, San Clemente CA

Past Event

Front Porch Jubilee

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It all started with a night of whiskey, guitar and nothing but green lights

Small gatherings just tend to happen—especially when whiskey is involved. And front porches overlooking the beaches of San Clemente. And musical geniuses just who stop by to play a few songs.

At least that’s how it happened a few days after Jeremy Rawle first dreamed up the idea for Black Feather. An impromptu front porch party seemed like the right way to celebrate.

It was a perfect night. Marc Ford stopped by to play a set accompanied by his wife Kristen’s vocals. Jeremy supplied the whiskey, the front porch, and gets at least partial credit for the breeze off the Pacific.

As the universe was handing out nothing but green lights that night, Team BlackFeather got one more: an invitation to sit in on Marc’s upcoming solo project that he was recording at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco. (Stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes footage of that little escapade.)

Team BF was also lucky enough to meet Jose Coli that night—a local artist, designer and spirit guide who has been helping us find our groove ever since. Be sure to check out some of his photos on our website.

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