Texas Electric Showcase


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March 17, 2017

200 Academy Drive Ste. 140, Austin Texas

Past Event

Texas Electric Showcase

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The Texas Electric Showcase is a Musical Freight Train

There’s no question that the Texas Gentlemen bring it. The morning of the show, though, the bringing it started slow—with coffees, a smoke circle of musicians, a steady procession of gear, folding tables and merch passing through the front doors of Aryln Studios. Inside, the walls were full of Willie memorabilia: a younger looking Redheaded Stranger running the Austin Marathon, a half dozen framed gold and platinum records, a head shot of Willie with Trigger and snaps of his band performing on stage.

While the drum kit was getting configured, and a Hammond organ rolled into place, the Black Feather team stocked the bars with the first production run of whiskey that was bottled in Houston just the day prior. The team was pumped for the show, plus the chance to pull back the curtain on a few cocktails: The Dirty Ginger, The Black and Black, The Sassafras and the Desperado.

By one o’clock, band members and fans had poured into the studio to capacity—loose and giddy as the first set got underway. Silas Nello kicked things off with three swingy tunes stitched up with beautiful melodies. Ruby Boots played her Rockabilly mashups which made the crowd jump and flail and try to keep up with the jangling guitar. Kirby Brown and Wesley Geiger brought up the energy even more, and then The Texas Gentlemen took it to eleven. The room pulsed as Beau hammered away at the organ like it owed him money. After, Paul Cauthen shook the ground with his Merle-like baritone, and The Roomsounds dove into a spate of songs that left everyone wanting more. And then, the Texas Electric Showcase was over as if a freight train had just passed through the room, leaving the crowd to linger hoping for more.

Many of these performances were captured by the Black Feather crew. Sign up or watch the Black Feather social feeds to learn when everything is posted. And, when it is, hell, pour a whiskey to get the full affect.

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