Utah Launch Party


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July 15, 2017

916 S Main Street, Salt Lake City UT

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Utah Launch Party

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Whiskey, Music, Magic and Glitter.

A while back, Black Feather founder, Jeremy Rawle, set out on a pretty ambitious journey: to create a smooth and satisfyingly strong American Bourbon, made to be a crowd-pleaser and a go-to everyday drinker. And then last weekend, Jer and the entire Black Feather Whiskey team made it official (in Utah, at least), announcing its availability at liquor stores, bars and restaurants throughout the state.

To put a little gold highlighter on the occasion, the team brought in the Puscie Jones Revue to play the launch party—and gave the party goers their first taste of Black Feather, neat, on the rocks, or mixed with signature cocktails. As the sun dipped behind the mountains, and more and more people crowded the venue the Black Feather team shares with their creative agency, Contravent, the party got ready to jump.

By night fall, Puscie entered the room, shirtless in spandex. And as the band played him in with a rhythmic James Brown build up, he grabbed the mic with both hands, and the magic began. The six-member band played straight up soul and funk originals—horns and guitars, heavy on the snare drum—and when he wasn’t strutting and shimmying around the stage, Puscie implored the crowd to always be honest, fiercely independent and full of love. At the end of the show he literally showered himself in gold glitter, and like a human disco ball, spun up the crowd into a final frenzy.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, the Black Feather crew shot video of the entire night. Sign up or follow Black Feather on social to get more updates, video releases, and to learn when the party will stop in your hometown. Here’s a taste:


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