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We’re for those who forge their own path by living what they love.Those who respect the past but won’t be defined by it.Those who believe hard work makes things happen and who’s passion is in the details.




September 18, 2015

370 South 300 East, Salt Lake City UT

Past Event


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Here's to the bikes that 

bike builders ride

Sure, bikes are cool. But bikes bike builders ride? They’re a whole other level of cool—like, to the magnitude of how much more cool “Bullitt”-era Steve McQueen is than, say, any working actor today. That’s why, when we had a chance to bartend an event showcasing the bikes the best bike builders in Salt Lake built for themselves, we jumped. These weren’t chromed out, hand-painted beauties, these were road-hardened monsters with serious miles on them. So, our friends at Salt City Builds picked the venue (former house of worship turned public studio space, Church and State) we picked the Black Feather-infused cocktails: the Sassafras and the Dirty Old Bastard.

We poured drinks all night at our makeshift bar. And although the crowd was tough in every sense of the word, the feedback we got on our cocktails was not.

Oh, and at the show we met Steven Stone—a motorcycle guy and photographer, every bit the road monster as the bikes we saw that night. Take a look at the pictures of his we’re featuring on and we think you’ll see the difference between taking a picture of a bike, and taking a picture from the back of one.

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