The Friends and Family of KRCL Party


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November 15, 2017

147 West Broadway, Salt Lake City Utah

Past Event

The Friends and Family of KRCL Party

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Inaugural Fundraiser for KRCL Takes Flight

KRCL is a bastion of doing good and independent music in Salt Lake City. For decades, this non-profit radio station has been pumping out music and community activism throughout Utah. When Black Feather was invited to help with a fundraiser, the team jumped at the chance. Together, with the Squatters Pub, the first annual Friends and Family of KRCL party took flight.

Memorable evenings usually start with cocktails. Head bartender, Scott Bramhall, created two cold weather concoctions that featured Black Feather Whiskey. The first was the Broadway Revival: A drink made with Squatter’s legendary Full Suspension Pale Ale, bourbon, maple syrup, lemon juice, and all spice. The other was affectionately named the Alpenglow: a refresher served in a coupe glass with Alpine Distilling Preserve Liqueur, apricot preserves and a lemon twist.

Musically, the night was full of good times and late night dancing. Timmy the Teeth brought a melodic and soulful acoustic set. Pixie and The Partygrass Boys spiced it up with what can only be described as blue grass punk. Afterwards, a raffle was held for prizes from local businesses and every party-goer went home with a sexy Black Feather T-shirt. 

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