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We’re for those who forge their own path by living what they love.Those who respect the past but won’t be defined by it.Those who believe hard work makes things happen and who’s passion is in the details.




Black Feather is whiskey with the same principles by which we try to live. Easy going, but hard working. Honest with no bullshit. Welcoming but full of fire. A need to be free, but also belong. American whiskey as innately American as a whiskey can be.

Grab some friends, put on some music, and START A WHISKEY COMPANY.

Black Feather Whiskey was founded by Jeremy Rawle and a group of lifelong friends. Our investors and advisors include Travis Pastrana from the Nitro Circus franchise; and investor Rob Dyrdek, known for his shows in which he has both starred in and produced. The team has created a hardworking, everyday easy drinker that’s premium, not precious.


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